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Vintage Recipes from America’s Past

Welcome to Simply Old School Cooking, a labor of love undertaken to preserve natural, no-fuss vintage recipes from the 1800’s and early 1900’s.

This website seeks to chronicle a period of time in US food history and provide simple recipes and insight for nostalgic cooks and bakers. Advice on modern tools and tricks are sprinkled in to freshen up old time food favorites, clarify antiquated cooking terminology, and bridge the gap between today’s kitchen and yesterday’s kitchen.

Use this information to become a more adventurous chef and to discover long-forgotten dishes from America’s past! First and foremost, experiment, tweak these simple vintage recipes based on your own personal preferences, and enjoy good food and a journey back in time!

Vintage Pies
Superior rolling pins

Enjoy Classic Refreshing Drinks

Perfect, old-fashioned float, lemonade and punch recipes!

Eat Like The Founding Fathers

The best cookbooks featuring American colonial dishes!

Prepare Traditional New England Cakes

You'll love these recipes for cottage cake, coffee cake, and other New England favorites!

Do you love to dance around the kitchen?

Check out the following modern and classic food tunes:

Prepare Delicious & Simple Custard Desserts

Bake An Old-Fashioned Honey Cake

Start Your Own Vintage Cookbook Collection

Mouthwatering custard recipes including coffee custard and frozen custard!

Learn the best way to prepare a traditional honey cake as well as an eggless version!

Tips for collectors and recommended titles to add to your library!

Old-Fashioned Food Wisdom!

  • Improving the Flavor of Your Cutlets - To improve the flavor of your cutlets, roll them in breadcrumbs mixed with a little salt, pepper, and savory herbs.
  • Ensuring a Flaky Pie Crust - If you wish to have a nice flaky pie crust, do not knead it after placing it on the board to roll. 
  • Using Baking Powder in Layer Cakes - If your layer cakes are coarse-grained, fall to pieces and are not rich in butter and eggs, in all probability you used too much baking powder and baked your cakes too long. Very little baking powder is required in a plain layer cake  
  • Softening Eggs that Have Been Boiled Too Long -
    To soften eggs that have mistakenly been boiled too long, place them in a basin of cold water and leave them there for 30 seconds. This will not only soften the eggs but also improve their flavor.

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